Summer Sampler

This Summer promises to be a scorcher – and how better to prepare for the sunny days ahead than with our Summer Sampler, featuring music to suit every mood from poolside party-starters and breezy English folk to sizzling sunset grooves.

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Soundtrack Sampler

Name That Tune…

Is your musical memory up to scratch? Find out as Valentine Music takes you on a musical journey through a world of familiar tracks. From advertisement themes to alternative arrangements of popular classics, you’re sure to recognise these gems.

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Love Song Sampler

Valentine Music presents a host of classic love-songs; and a taster of the many love-themed tracks within the catalogue.

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Sad Song Sampler

Make the most of even the bluest hour with Valentine Music’s collection of melancholy melodies. From heartbreaking Brubeck piano pieces to winsome Judie Tzuke gems, sadness never sounded so good.

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Country Song Sampler

For all you country bumpkins, Valentine offers a selection of bluegrass and Irish folk including classics like Marijohn Wilkin’s number one hit One Day at a Time… perfect for a good ole knees up at a barn dance!

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Take Five Covers Sampler

This has to be one of the most covered tracks ever! Take a tour through our quirky collection of alternative Take Fives and you’ll wonder if there’s anyone on the planet who hasn’t heard the tune in one form or another. From a traditional Indian version of the jazz classic to a ska interpretation by UK legends The Specials, via the sixties swing of Quincy Jones and the blissed out dub of reggae maestro King Tubby, a Take Five for every mood and every moment awaits…

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Upbeat Sampler

Sample a selection of our upbeat foot-tappers, sure to uplift any mood…or get you dancing!

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Football Frenzy Sampler

Experience the delightful sound of South African Jazz as South Africa prepare to host the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

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