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Officially voted “…the most annoying song of all time…”, Valentine Music proudly publish the iconic Birdie Song. Starting life in the 50s as a Swiss accordian “oom-pah” song, the Birdie Song has a place in all our hearts…not to mention on every wedding disco dance floor.

Known as the “Chicken Dance” in the States, it is a truly worldwide phenomenon – you’d be dancing to “Fugladansinn” in Iceland, “Okashi Tori” in Japan and “La danse des canards” in France.

Here’s how…

Get together in a large circle, everyone facing inwards. Shape a chicken beak with your hands, opening and closing it four times. Now make a chicken beak with your arms and flap away four times. Make some tail feathers with your arms and hands – wiggle downwards for four beats. Repeat four times. Then spin to the right with your partner for eight counts, and to the left and you’re away…