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This collaboration between Saatchi and Saatchi and Valentine Music breathes new life into a Northern Soul masterpiece, ‘Come On Train’ by Don Thomas.

Originally released in 1974 by California based label NUVJ, the raw and irresistible groove of ‘Come On Train’ has long been a favourite of soul fans and those in the know on both sides of the Atlantic – but somehow eluded mainstream attention for many years. Now, rediscovered for Saatchi & Saatchi’s ‘Life Flows Better with VISA’ campaign and remixed by Ian Parton the track is set to gain the glory it always deserved.

The visionary VISA ad provides a seamless accompaniment to the song, as dancer/performer Bill “CrutchMaster” Shannon – born with a bilateral hip deformity that affects one in 1200 children – glides across a sunlit city centre using his crutches and self-taught, fluid choreography. First spotted dancing in an RJD2 music video, the uplifting ease with which Bill moves captures to stunning effect the spirit of the VISA “Flow” – and complements perfectly the forward momentum of the equally uplifting soundtrack.

Both the original version and the Ian Parton remix of ‘Come On Train’ are now available via iTunes.

The ‘Life Flows Better with VISA’ television campaign will be showing across all European territories, click here to watch the advert on our YouTube channel.